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Digital government portals as the modern way of communication

In the dynamic landscape of public sector management, the evolution of communication methods has been pivotal in shaping governance practices. From the traditional avenues of desk visits, email exchanges, paper letters, and phone calls, the shift towards modern digital governance marks a significant paradigm shift. In this article, we delve into the profound differences between […]

Revolutionizing Content Creation with AI-Enhanced Imagery

Before we dive into the topic of content creation with AI, let’s go back to the basics of AI. What exactly is it? Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative force reshaping the way businesses operate. At its core, AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks requiring human intelligence. In […]

The What, Why and How of going to the Cloud

In today’s ever-changing digital workspace there is a growing need for extensive unburdening. Not only do we see this need for software management, but also for complete platform management. Different organizations need different levels of unburdening and going to the cloud is one of many solutions that can greatly benefit companies. But how does it […]

AmeXio wins Documentum SDK Challenge with myInsight

We are extremely proud to announce that AmeXio won this year’s Documentum SDK Challenge. The first Documentum Dragons’ Den: Partner SDK Challenge was organized by the OpenText Documentum team. The goal was to showcase and promote the Documentum Smart View SDK capabilities. Partners were invited to participate and to present and demo a solution using Smart […]

Acolad Digital is now AmeXio

Paris, June 1st, 2023. AmeXio Group, a European leader in the ECM-CCM (Enterprise Content Management – Customer Communication Management) industry, has solidified its strategic and international goals with the acquisition of Acolad Digital. Acolad Digital has been a leading CXM firm (Customer Experience Management) and a significant player in European ECM for over two decades. […]

Deceuninck partners with AmeXio and Adobe to implement their future Lead Generation Platform.

Deceuninck, a leading global player in window and door profiles, has decided to boost its Customer Experience through a strategic partnership with AmeXio & Adobe. This collaboration prioritizes the orchestration of seamless customer journeys, resulting in increased customer engagement and more qualitative partner referrals. In today's digital era, where customers increasingly research online before approaching [...]

Engaging readers in the digital age: the Mediafin story

As digital technology changes the relationship between readers and the media, Mediafin looked for new ways to customize online experiences, engage readers and convert them into loyal media consumers. AmeXio has launched the news portals for De Tijd and L’Echo, the Dutch and French news titles for Mediafin, the innovative media publisher from Belgium. Offering […]

Best practices for digital archiving: the records lifecycle approach

The days of the Digital Far West have ended. As digital data and documents become the norm, regulation around them has increased considerably in recent years. Just think about the EU regulations on general data protection (GDPR) and electronic identification, authentication and trust services (eIDAS), or local regulation around digital data and their conservation. As […]

4 Common Misconceptions about user adoption and change management

Do you feel like your organization just drops technology on your head and makes you figure out how to use it productively? Are your stress levels soaring when your organization’s expense claim tool shows more options than you’d expect in a rocket launch platform? Do you feel like organizing an office mutiny when you’re told […]

The top 5 elements of user experience and how they help your website

Web development isn’t just about functionality – although that’s certainly a highly important piece of the puzzle. It’s also about user experience: ensuring visitors are able to easily navigate your website and get where they need to go. Let’s say you’re given the responsibility of a new website and enthusiastically take your computer – or […]