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Unlocking the power of the Cloud

Discover our extensive range of cloud services tailored to meet your digital requirements.

Explore how we assist global organizations in seamlessly transitioning to the cloud, providing expert guidance from strategic planning to ongoing maintenance, implementation, and support.

Cloud technology

Why AmeXio as your Cloud Partner?

At AmeXio, we understand that every business has unique needs, financial considerations, and IT objectives. AmeXio goes beyond just being a cloud provider by guiding you through every step of your cloud strategy, migration and maintenance.

Our approach offers you the agility, scalability, and robust security required to navigate the dynamic digital landscape effectively.


Tailor your cloud experience by selecting the service model that perfectly suits your requirements. Scale your resources effortlessly, adjusting as your needs evolve.


Rest assured knowing that your data is safeguarded by our industry-leading security measures across all our cloud services.


Benefit from our extensive cloud knowledge and experience, ensuring a smooth and successful journey into the cloud for your business.

A Cloud Approach that fits your business goals

Choosing the right Cloud approach is the first step to success. AmeXio specializes in several cloud solutions based on the best of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid models.

Public Cloud

Harness the power of leading public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure. Benefit from unparalleled scalability, cost efficiency, and access to cutting-edge services.

Private Cloud

For sensitive data or workloads demanding strict control, we help you design and manage a secure private cloud environment on our trusted platform, AmexCloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Want to benefit from both worlds? Our expertise enables us to seamlessly blend private and public cloud solutions, crafting a bespoke cloud environment tailored to your unique requirements.

Need Assistance with Your Cloud Strategy?

Embark on your cloud journey with confidence by beginning with a thorough cloud assessment conducted by our expert team. Through this assessment, we analyze your existing IT infrastructure, workloads, and compliance requirements, laying the groundwork for the development of a comprehensive cloud strategy tailored to your business needs.

The right service for your needs

We offer a diverse range of as-a-service options designed to optimize your cloud experience.

Infrastructure as a Service

Building Block Flexibility & Expert Management

We provide you with on-demand access to secure, scalable computing resources like servers, storage and networking.

Platform as a Service

Rapid Development & Simplified Management

Our PaaS offering provides a preconfigured platform and manages our Operating System for you (including maintenance and security updates). We take care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on building great software.

Private SaaS

Secure and Customizable Cloud Applications

We can develop and deploy custom SaaS applications specifically designed for your unique business needs. These applications are hosted in a secure private cloud environment, giving you complete control over your data and access.

Increase the Added Values

Streamline Your Operations with Managed Cloud Services

Leave the complexities of cloud management to our team of seasoned experts, who oversee and maintain every aspect of your cloud environment, from infrastructure to applications and security protocols.

With our comprehensive management services, you can redirect your focus towards your core business objectives, effectively minimizing IT overhead and maximizing productivity.

Don’t let Cloud Complexity slow you down. Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities for your Cloud Strategy!