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Revolutionizing Search and Find with AI

Search and find digital documents

Efficient search and find capabilities are crucial for effective case management in the public sector. However, traditional search methods often fall short in meeting the complex needs of case handlers. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a solution to these challenges, promising to revolutionize the way cases are managed and resolved.

Traditional Search and Find: Without AI 

Traditional search methods are often limited in their pre-configured capabilities, often hindering the efficiency and effectiveness of case management. Case handlers face challenges such as limited search capabilities, irrelevant search results, and difficulties in conducting multi-lingual searches. Think of: 

 However, this approach raises pertinent questions:
1. Does the user have the inclination to search for synonyms?
2. Do they possess the knowledge of how to do so effectively?
3. Are they equipped with the creativity to generate a comprehensive list of synonyms? 

Compounding this issue is the prevalent use of exact match methodology by many search engines, further complicating searches. For instance, a search for “Analyze” will not yield results for “Analyzing,” necessitating both ingenuity and persistence from the user to get optimal search results. 

Altogether the end-user does not have sufficient time and energy to ensure that he found the optimal search result. Instead, most of the time the user spends “enough” time (but what is enough) and continues his work based on “good-enough” search results. The quality of handling the case will be impacted by this “good enough” reference material.  

AI-powered Search Solutions 

AI-powered search solutions offer a transformative approach to case management by enhancing search and find capabilities. These solutions leverage AI technologies to improve search relevance, speed, and user experience, ultimately enabling case handlers to find the information they need quickly and accurately. 

Natural Language Search 

Natural language search prompts allow case handlers to enter queries in their own words, facilitating more accurate and intuitive searches. And via natural language the case handler can respond in his prompts to finetune the search results.  

Large Language Models  

Large language models automatically include synonyms when conducting searches. This not only reduces the time for the case handler, but it also cannot be forgotten, automatically improving the search results.  

Relevance ranking  

Automatic relevance ranking of search results ensures that the most relevant information is surfaced first, reducing the time spent sifting through irrelevant results.

AI-driven translation capabilities 

AI-driven translation capabilities enable case handlers to conduct multi-lingual searches and comprehend content in different languages, breaking down language barriers.  

The Impact of AI on Case Management 

The adoption of AI-powered solutions has a profound impact on case management processes in the public sector. Search solutions are one of them but there are more AI innovations in case management. These can all lead to improvements in handling speed, quality of work, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Some benefits of AI-powered search solutions are:


The integration of AI into search and find capabilities represents a significant opportunity for the public sector to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in case management. By embracing AI-powered search solutions, organizations can overcome the limitations of traditional search methods and unlock new possibilities for improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. It’s time for the public sector to embrace the future of search and find with AI. 

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