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Adobe Summit 2024: Generative AI in CXM

According to yearly tradition, Adobe brings us a new Adobe Summit full of innovation, Inspiring talks, new product launches and groundbreaking updates to existing products across the Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. This years theme is “The future of digital marketing in the era of generative AI”. This theme was chosen to build and improve upon the massive innovation in Generative AI that is happening all over the digital landscape. Adobe’s unveiling of enhancements across their platforms sets a new benchmark for utilizing generative AI to derive insights from unified customer data, personalize content at scale, and elevate customer engagement through complex journey orchestration. 

Adobe Summit

Key Innovations announced at Adobe Summit 2024 

Adobe Experience Platform AI assistant  

A new AI assistant, tailored for the future. This new assistant will change the workflow of experience practitioners massively. It achieves this by providing an interface for task automation, outcome simulation and journey generation. With this new tool, the productivity of your marketing team can skyrocket. 

Adobe GenStudio 

This generative AI-first offering is a boon for marketing teams. It enables rapid planning, creation, management, and measurement of on-brand content while integrating seamlessly with Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud. One key strength is that in the blink of an eye you can see which creative is performing better or worse. Secondly, you get granular insights about what performs better, from colour to mood of the creative. 

Journey Optimizer Enhancements 

Adobe has introduced new capabilities for both B2C and B2B brands to fine-tune journey orchestration, ensuring timely, personalized customer experiences. Another new feature specifying intent for content fragments. This way the intent can be the same throughout your entire customer journey across the various channels. 

Adobe Firefly 

Adobe’s generative AI is getting a huge boost this year. Until now it was limited to generating images and vectors, but soon it will also generate audio, video and 3D models. The tool is also getting a few new additional features. These new features will help brands to use generative AI to the fullest.  

The first one is structure reference, which will mark a leap in creative control. It allows users to generate varied images while maintaining a consistent layout based on a structural reference image. 

Generating images with Adobe AI tool Firefly

Next up are custom models. With these you can create fresh, on brand visuals based on your brand’s input. Seamlessly integrated in Express and Creative Cloud, your creative teams and marketers can easily go from idea to campaign in record time, all while ensuring brand safety. 

And last but not least we have Firefly Services. Firefly Services allows the use of Firefly through various REST API’s, Allowed from anywhere. With this you can create workflows to generate hundreds of images easily. Moreover, The Firefly Services can even create full fidelity photoshop files, so that if there is a creative that needs adjustment, designers are free to do so with ease. Firefly can also help export all approved assets and upload them to AEM assets, for instance. This way you can immediately use them in your next campaign 

What makes Adobe’s AI so powerful? 

Adobe AI assistant and Adobe Firefly are built based on the group of models that adobe calls the Generative Experience Models. This combination of models is built with three key values in mind so that brands can take full use of them, without having to worry about the usual issues that come with AI tooling. 

The Strategic Impact 

With these announcements at the Summit, Adobe signifies a transformative moment for business leaders and marketers. By integrating powerful generative AI tools into existing workflows, it offers unpreceded capabilities in personalization, bringing in a new era of digital experiences. With Adobe Experience Cloud serving as the backbone, brands are now equipped to deliver real-time, highly personalized touchpoints at scale. This will foster richer, more relevant customer journeys. 

Partner and Customer Momentum 

A big announcement at the Summit was the expanded partnership between Microsoft and Adobe. With this partnership they aim to bring the strength of generative AI directly into Microsoft applications. This move, along with collaborations with other major tech players and agency partners, accelerates the adoption of generative AI across creative production and digital marketing workflows. 

Conclusion Adobe Summit 2024

With the announcements made at Adobe Summit 2024, Adobe yet again cements its leadership in utilizing emerging technologies for creating more personalized, efficient and engaging digital experiences. And as we look forward, Adobe’s innovations not only promise to redefine the relationship between brands and their customers, but also set a new standard for the industry. For those interested in knowing more about these announcements, visiting the Adobe Summit’s online resources provides an extensive overview of the sessions and innovations presented.  

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