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Customer Communication Management

Empower your company with CCM solutions – automate document design, customization, and delivery for a consistent corporate image, personalized customer communication, and optimal delivery across channels.

Automating design & delivery

CCM solutions, also named desktop publishing solutions, enables companies to computerize the documents design, adjustment and delivery chain to project corporate image, customize communication by customers, and choose the most suitable delivery channel (mobile, mail, text, web, social networks, paper mail).

Context & challenges

The new CCM solutions, as they are fully built-in the workstation and business applications, allows to cover all the publishing/editing classification (batch, transactional and interactive), falling easily within the different steps of the customer communication management process.

The companies challenge is to deliver the right information to their customers (communication), to extend and develop customer relationship to produce new purchase intents (sales growth) and to relay via the right channel the right information in due course (adapting to customer demands).

AmeXio expertise

In this context, Amexio supports its customers in back-office upgrading with for example, an analysis and integration of a desktop publishing and electronic filing solution. Our expertise made the processing chain automation and communication channel improvement possible.

Our added value

  • Computer rationalization
  • Business resources release to focus on its business core
  • Publishing architecture upgrading
  • Openness toward new communication media thanks to long-term tools
  • Support to optimization of the customer communication upgrading process
  • Management optimisation of office mail and communication channels
  • Automation of the treatment chain


  • Bdoc
  • Doc Bridge
  • DocOne
  • OpenText Exstream
  • KSL
  • OpenPrint
  • OpenText Xpression
  • OpenText StreamServe
  • Quadient
  • Sefas Harmonie Communication Suite

Client benefits

  • Improve design and production process of communication materials toward customers
  • Deliver and disseminate a relevant information, at the right time, targeting customer/company experience
  • Extend, develop customer relationship to produce a new purchase intent
  • Promote information

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