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How Renault benefits from Cross-functional document management

Renault offers sustainable and innovative mobility solutions to its customers. Today, they are at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself. Wherever present, the Renault Group is committed to satisfying customers whose mobility usages are changing radically. At the same time, Renault Group strongly believes in digitalization. They do this to better interact with each other and optimize processes and achievements at every level of the company.


The Challenge

Renault Group consists of 5 entities, has 4 brands, is present worldwide and has more than 105,000 employees. Their main challenge in redefining their document management strategy was the coverage of all the systems they have worldwide and turning them into a single system to easily find a document with efficient document search capabilities. This new system should lead to their objective of becoming 100% paperless regarding validation workflows. Access management was key in the project because of data sensitivity. Besides, the system should be able to support a high volume of data and users.

Their expertise on the Nuxeo platform and on project implementation convinced us to choose AmeXio as our integrator.


The Solution

The Renault ASK2 Project was launched to set up a new cross-functional document management application to centralize its knowledge base and associated processes. This simplifies access to information for all Renault Group users. The new platform is based on Nuxeo Hyland and is integrated and supported by AmeXio.

Their new system is an open tool that is used worldwide for digital document management and supports a huge volume of documents and users. With an API structure, it is easy to share data with related systems such as engineering and quality.

Access is very important for the group and their new system allows them to create different levels of access based on data type, user type and more. Nuxeo supports this strong complexity in an understandable way.

Renault launched an RFP for this project and chose to work with AmeXio as their main partner because of the combination of the technical offer and price.

The Results

Single source of truth

Renault massively reduced the applicative scope with one single place for document management within the group.

Efficient search

The new system allows users to easily search for documents. This can be done with full text search and cross database search. The response time of searches is under one second, which is an amazing result.

Quick document access

Users have quick access to the documents they need and with a minimum number of clicks to access the document, the user experience has massively improved.

Reduced time to market

Renault Group is now able to deliver new features in just a few days thanks to Nuxeo’s low code concept.

Reduced workload and time to market

Increased Data security, connectivity and user productivity

Guaranteed: Business continuity and flexibility and ergonomics accessible to all

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