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TenneT: From OpenText application management to strategic consultancy

TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO), bringing together the Northwest European energy markets and driving the energy transition towards sustainable sources. Employing almost 6,000 staff, and with a turnover of 4.1 billion euros, TenneT ensures that almost 43 million end users in the Netherlands and Germany can count on a stable electricity supply. Their vision for the energy transition is reflected in transforming to follow a sustainable growth strategy, based on four pillars – empowering their own employees, using data & innovation to drive energy transition, securing current and future supply capacity, and safeguarding its financial health.
TenneT has been an AmeXio customer since 2020.



TenneT had already been leveraging the power of Documentum, an OpenText® software solution, to manage and store documents in a centralized location. With all the external challenges such a major player in the energy sector could face, the need to keep enterprise content up-to-date and compliant with frequently changing rules and regulations was fundamental

TenneT launched a European tender for an experienced and knowledgeable partner for upgrading and managing its Documentum OpenText® software environment in the Netherlands and Germany.

Why Acolad

After a thorough tender process, TenneT selected AmeXio as its solution provider. AmeXio’s strong know-how and more than two decades of international experience in OpenText software solutions, as well as our Gold Partnership level, which means we’ve helped clients to accomplish noteworthy innovation in enterprise content management, both played a role in the successful bid.

AmeXio came with a plan and a timeline. Their approach gave us a comfortable feeling that they were able to support us on this project, from now and in upcoming years.

Mark Buys,

Service Manager, TenneT



To begin our partnership with TenneT we built a plan and defined all the key milestones, to try to support a frictionless move to our services before we began our upgrades. We provided key system upgrades that were set out in the RFP and introduced best-in-class practices to the Documentum environments in both Germany and the Netherlands, all managed through a structured roadmap.

After successfully finalizing the transition project, AmeXio Digital gained full control over the OpenText® landscape and launched the Application Management Service by leveraging the power of the AmeXio OpenText Shared Support Center, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The Shared Support Center is a true center of excellence that actively manages and monitors OpenText® software landscapes for enterprise clients throughout the world, making sure we deliver 24/7 service continuity. With TenneT, from March 2021 we leveraged the Shared Support Center to ensure the stability of the OpenText® software environment.

The Shared Support Center acts as a single point of contact by also handling change requests on the OpenText® platform by collaborating closely with AmeXio Project Delivery Services. Among the tools and services we help to provide is a ticketing service with a fully dedicated team of experts. Recently, in addition to the initial Application Management Service partnership, TenneT has added additional Opentext® solutions to Acolad Digital service delivery portfolio, such as extended ECM for SAP Successfactors. The decision to do so was based on previous experiences and trust in AmeXio capabilities.

AmeXio has grown to become TenneT’s trusted advisor and partner for exploring future digital needs by deploying Strategic Business Consulting to help define the company’s future roadmap in enterprise information management.


At AmeXio we pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction by putting our client relationship first. On top of an initiative to share user feedback surveys every quarter, several workshops are held between AmeXio and TenneT’s management teams to assess the project and enable that spirit of collaboration. All this has enabled us to build and maintain a quality relationship with TenneT teams, allowing us to transition from solely providing application management to strategic document management consultancy

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