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Security and Compliance

End-to-end compliance strategies

Data privacy regulations have a global impact on enterprise systems – large volumes of data on customers, employees and other stakeholders are handled every day throughout document management systems, marketing platforms, CRMs, etc.

In Europe, noncompliance with the GDPR alone, can generate fines of up to 20 million euro or 4% of annual turnover. All around the globe, not following data security requirements and regulations can put your customers’ confidence at risk.

The good news? AmeXio is here to help you design and implement end-to-end compliance strategies for your enterprise systems, protecting users from any location while maintaining your digital workplace secure user-friendly.

Digital Archiving EDRMS

Data inventory & file intelligence

  • Identify what personal data you have and where it resides through comprehensive data mapping on corporate repositories, archives or systems (physical or digital assets)
  • Understand the impact of legal requirements regarding data collection, processing, storage and retention on your operations
  • Protect personal data in a centralized location and digitize paper documents for data extraction and elimination of physical records
  • Classify data automatically with advanced metadata searching, indexing and analysis while detecting content-based compliance issues and opportunities

Records management & compliance reviews

  • Audit transparency and accountability activities in your systems to support data sovereignty and long-term storage requirements
  • Reduce the risk of future operational costs and regulatory or legal sanctions, including the costs of litigation or investigations related to processing large data volumes
  • Efficiently handle data access requests and breach notifications with a customized case management system that automates workflows
  • Demonstrate continuous compliance with ongoing audits to earn global trust, increase brand reputation and enhance customer loyalty.

Privacy impact & risk assessment

  • Prevent data loss, unauthorized access or disclosure with a tamper-proof audit trail based on corporate policies and end-user permissions
  • Establish security controls and risk management plans to prevent data loss, unauthorized access, disclosure or system intrusion
  • Avoid the unnecessary spread and exposure of sensitive data through dynamic data masking techniques (pseudonymization or anonymization)
  • Extend control over your data throughout the documentation lifecycle from creation to storage on-premises and in cloud services, to sharing internally or externally

Information governance & data minimization

  • Track your personal information workflows with full transparency, including procedures for obtaining and storing consent, user and content activity
  • Support the data minimization requirements by maintaining records of processing activities, streamlining disposition processes and automating retention schedules
  • Ensure governance via access permissions, audit trails, advanced search, automated policy enforcement and customizable notifications and reports
  • Embed compliance and put privacy at the heart of any future projects or products to make data protection a seamless part of your organization’s everyday operations

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