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Electronic document management (EDM)

Preserving the company’s documentary history

ECM manages digitally (EDM) the company’s structured and non-structured data. EDM is one of the company’s management tools key component to deal with the incoming, outgoing and internal document flow. Document management solutions aim to store and find easily the digitized documents. Information sharing is one of the company’s first assets, along with long-term preserving of the history and the documentary heritage.

Let us bring simplicity to your enterprise information management

Every day, we help organizations worldwide to streamline information lifecycles and manage content processes as part of our everything-you-need information governance services.

Context & challenges

A multidimensional issue: from document management to customer interaction improvement. EDM solutions bring together documentary material into a unique, secured framework where users can always find an updated information.

ECM, as a the first cornerstone in the company’s digital transformation, gives a secured access to data and reduces costs, thanks to documentary processing industrialization.

AmeXio expertise

AmeXio assists in finding the appropriate ECM tool and implementing the right IT architecture (server capacity and product implementation) to enhance response time. We provide support for various enterprise content management platforms.

Our added value

  • Main market and technological solutions expertise to adapt and answer our customer’s needs
  • Performance/stability focused code review on developed items
  • Customer assistance review with the TMA/MCO customer cell, focusing on weak points and improvements
  • Tests scenario delivery for application monitoring
  • Innovative architecture implementation along with a communication bus for better interaction between the various systems

Client benefits

  • Long-lasting architecture
  • Providing a scalable platform, needing a simple adjustment for any future needs
  • Improving users lives, adapting the best solution to company’s needs

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