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The power of a digital workplace: productivity and flexibility

Hybrid work – a flexible mix of office-based and home-based work – has become the standard in most organisations in this post-pandemic era. Employees value the flexibility to work at any time from any location, but at the same time a smart mix of working at the office and from home can even boost productivity and innovation. Are you wondering how to implement an effective digital workspace? And how we can help you with your Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

digital workplace

Effective hybrid work requires a strong digital workplace, a cloud platform that allows your employees to virtually connect, communicate and collaborate in a secure way.


The digital workplace is all about connecting people. Digital can give an enormous boost in the way people find and communicate with each other, irrespective of location, time zone, or device. Employee directories (who-is-who), rich profiles with skills definition, and the combination of chat and virtual meetings have made it easier than ever to find specific expertise in your organisation and to start exchanging knowledge. On top of that, artificial intelligence can now even proactively suggest experts based on their interactions and the content they create.


Digital Archiving EDRMS

Hybrid work has put digital employee communications higher on the agenda. It’s a fact that effective internal communication has a big impact on employee engagement, commitment, and retention. When information flows freely, employees are aware of organizational activities and management decisions that affect their jobs, will be closer involved in successes, and will better understand organizational culture. That’s why intranets are key components of today’s digital workplaces. Intranets can still serve as the single source of truth for organisational information. Intranets have evolved from being a single source of truth to embracing bottom-up initiatives, mobile channels, digital capabilities, and analytics for continuous communication optimization.


Well-designed digital workplaces make it easier, more natural and more trivial for every employee involved to execute their day-to-day tasks and to collaborate with colleagues, partners or even customers. Within specific contexts, such as projects, the digital workplace makes it possible to securely share information in almost any format: digital conversations, documents, planning boards, wiki pages, etc. Not only does this improve individual productivity; it also makes sure that information is shared and retained within the organisation.

Based on years of expertise AmeXio has got you covered on every aspect of a successful digital workplace roll-out

We help you define your digital workplace strategy by measuring your current maturity, setting your digital ambition, and defining the path between the two.

We migrate your data from legacy collaboration and document management platforms to modern cloud platforms.

We help you define an information architecture and governance rules to make sure your workplace is sustainable in the long term.

We help you configure your digital workplace security and compliance settings to make sure no sensitive data is shared too broadly.

We make sure your employees get the most out of digital working by supporting you in the adoption and change management process.

Our service center is your lifebuoy in case of questions or technical issues.

Our added value

  • Expertise in multiple out-of-the-box intranet solutions
  • Years of experience in guiding customers to select the most appropriate intranet solution
  • Ability to take all aspects of the roll-out of an intranet solution, including user adoption, governance and training

Client benefits

  • Quick delivery, easy to adopt
  • 100% responsive, optimized for mobile
  • Customized and localized to fit your brand

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