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Digital Archiving & Application Decommissioning

Digital Archiving (EDRMS)

Evolving industry regulations, increasing regulatory requirements and ever-expanding content landscape. It’s no wonder that achieving long-term content compliance on all fronts is a challenge for most organizations, especially when trying to keep control over data storage costs. Enterprise Content Management plays a critical role in this.

But while you might already be aware of the need to improve how you manage regulated information, choosing the right digital archiving system is not an easy process to navigate. What types of documents do you need to archive and for how long? What criteria should be taken into consideration? Are you required to keep content in its original format? Our experts are here to assist you.

Digital Archiving EDRMS
Digital Archiving EDRMS

Use cases in EDRMS

A safe environment to store historical data
where it cannot be updated

Offload live applications or decommission legacy applications
with historical data, thus improving performance

Respect retention periods
keep your historical data encrypted for as long as required from a regulatory point of view

Define specific user groups or profiles
with different permissions for data access and search

Mask personal data
for specific groups of users

Access data and documents on your digital archive
from your different source applications, using REST APIs

Apply legal holds
on data/documents that may not be destroyed once the retention period has passed

Purge historical data
once the retention period has passed

Build and maintain a big data environment
that can be used for analytics, to give you new insights on your business

We prioritize confidentiality, authenticity, and safety to ensure the utmost security of your information and operations

In addition to traditional storage methods, a crucial step for companies, our system for digital archiving through the electronic document and records management system (ERDMS) provides secure, stored and non-editable content.

Context & challenges in digital archiving

Trend – Cloud storage becomes increasingly popular, even though some fear for storage security. Therefore, choosing experts like AmeXio, which Belgian subsidiary is a Cloud expert, can be significant.

Issue – Companies must store documents in a built-in vault, called probative value archiving/storage. Compliance standards are the NFZ42 026 and the NFZ42 013.

Standardization – There is, indeed, documents, users need to access to with no delay, and others seldom consulted, stored in slower disks. ERDMS standardization ensure the documentary resources a legal storage. For example in the bank industry, data retention time can last for 10, 20 or 30 years. There must be no one, not even a system engineer, could erase those documents. Standardization answers to this prerequisite.

AmeXio expertise

ERDMS Expert – AmeXio is one of this solution expert and of right-scaled infrastructure implementation. We are also able to advise our customers on a storage critical issue : data security.

Audit – We have a strong expertise in NFZ42 013 et NFZ42 026 standards, ensuring the Information acquisition and storage process regulation compliance. In this particular field, we work on audit services, assessing the gaps between standards and the implemented systems. We also provide ERDMS definition and implementation.

Digital Archiving EDRMS

Our added value

  • Unique InfoArchive referenced integrator
  • Work undertaken for and with the EMC2 teams and product development
  • Providing all the needed skills
  • Migration strategies / existing production data transfer portage

Client benefits

  • Technical reliability and long-term storage offer
  • Limited developments, great configuration capacity
  • Infrastructure financial gains
  • Secure and track electronic storage processing
  • Connecting to existing standards in the event of the implemented systems audit (in the bank industry)

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