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Content Management for Digital Government

We understand the complexity and growing amount of diverse content government organizations must deal with every day.

Innovations in information management keep coming our way and it is the perfect opportunity to streamline processes, save valuable time, and enhance quality.


Handle cases faster


Exceed quality standards and be compliant


Improve customer satisfaction

What’s next in Digital Government?

The future of digital government is already here and it’s time to benefit from innovations and trends that streamline your content management.

1. Digital government portals

Compared to a traditional way of customer communication, digital government portals focus on a more efficient and easier way of working for the customer, the end user, and your organization. This reduces workload and improves quality and speed.

2. AI that supports case handlers and managers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows case handlers to easily make requests in their system. For example, ask if there are any similar cases to the one you are working on right now. AI allows you to find this information quickly which will improve the quality and stability of your decisions.

3. Collaboration with external parties like O365

How do you manage and control what files you shared? Integration with Microsoft O365 helps you to maintain all your content in one place and easily share it with the right people, both internally and externally. Moreover, with the integration of O365 with your case management system, the cumbersome alignment of information in- and outside of the case management system becomes history.

4. Improved Search & Find

In existing environments, it can be hard to quickly find the content you are looking for. With tools like AI, you just tell the system what you are looking for and it will do the work for you. Leading to improved case-handling quality and speed!

5. Smooth and improved Communication Creation

No more manual work with a modern system that checks the readability of your content and gives recommendations for improvement right away! Also, never worry about losing your source files anymore, and automatically generate the right templates.

6. Adding Streaming Media to your ECM

Directly adding streaming media to your ECM environment saves you a lot of time when it comes to handling large media files. Imagine it is just an integrated part of your ECM.

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