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The electronic signature, for a complete digitization of business processes

AmeXio Innovation

The electronic signature is the transposition in the digital world of the handwritten signature, but beware, it is not the “scan” of it.
The electronic signature, also called the digital signature, consists in guaranteeing the integrity of a document and the identity of the signatories. It thus ensures that the document has not been altered between its signature and its consultation, in the same way as a paper signature.

GDPR: how EDM and ECM contribute to your compliance

Implemented on 25 May 2018, the GDPR, a general regulation on data protection, applies to all organisations that collect, process and store personal data relating to residents of the European Union, in order to strengthen the rights of individuals. But do not panic, your EDM has already planned everything (or almost), and can even help [...]

Transformation: how the customer changes you thanks to its contents

Ultra connected, ultra close, the client posts on social networks, comments, gives his opinion on the products and services of companies. A new interaction is born with the rampant digitisation. This greatly contributes to exploiting new data via content management. And ultimately, for the company, to adapt and change in turn. The direct relationship between [...]

The content is at the heart of the UX, but watch out for silos!

With the dematerialization, the companies pass from the old cupboard filled with files to a plan of classification, certainly digital but always static and at least "siloed”. While silos are part of archiving, it's time to boost the perception of your documentary ecosystem! Access to information is changing with the proliferation of interfaces and distribution [...]