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AmeXio takes majority stake in ATOL CD

AmeXio Group, a hybrid ESN & pan-European leader in ECM-CCM-SCM-CXM, takes majority stake in ATOL Conseils et Développements, an ESN specializing in ECM/SIG/B-I & custom application development. AmeXio had previously acquired a minority stake in Atol CD in 2021.

AmeXio and Atol

Complementarity of offerings, client portfolios, and geographical presence: Atol CD’s integration into the AmeXio group opens up numerous perspectives & synergies for both their Clients and their employees, while maintaining their common DNA commitment to specialized knowledge and a human-centric approach.

AmeXio is a hybrid ESN with a One-Stop-Shop approach (Service, Software, Hosting) deployed around 4 content management verticals: ECM, CCM, SCM, and CXM, using technologies such as IBM, Hyland, SER, Open-Text, Quadient, Adobe, Sefas, B-Doc. On the other hand, Atol CD also has a dedicated ECM-BPM division and is a historical partner with Hyland-Alfresco (No.1 in France). Similar complementarities are found in RPA, Data, GIS, hosting activities, and Atol CD offers expertise in the development of desktop, cloud, web and mobile business solutions within its service centers.

“AmeXio is a European group with a strong presence in the Benelux and Switzerland in particular. These locations and highly complementary client portfolios in France represent an opportunity to ensure the development of our service centers. Our offerings are very complementary, and the organization of the group allows us to maintain operational autonomy, with great prospects for commercial synergies to develop our export activities and diversify our client portfolio. This merger strengthens an ambitious development plan for the years to come”

 Jean-Philippe Porcherot – President of Atol CD

“In our 17 years of existence and continuous growth, AmeXio has always prioritized quality, selectivity, human dimension, and specialization both in its organic development as well as when integrating new entities into the Group. With ATOL CD embodying these same values and offering complementary contributions to the Group, it seemed natural after 3 years of collaboration to integrate ATOL CD into the group to strengthen mutual synergies and offer teams the opportunity to work on larger projects thanks to the scale of the new entity. ATOL CD will maintain its management autonomy and brand”

Xavier Morcillo – Founder & President of AmeXio

About AmeXio -> 2023 Figures: €95M in revenue & 650 employees, with over 60% internationally

Founded in 2006, AmeXio is a highly specialized European ESN in ECM, CCM, CXM, and SCM content management projects. Its offering includes assisting companies in enhancing their information: digitization, collaborative content management, redesign and modernization, integration into business processes, publishing, archiving, and document processing. AmeXio also provides Software (AmeXsoft range) & Cloud solutions: IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, addressing specific needs and use cases. Thanks to partnerships with major ECM-CCM-CXM-SCM editors and comprehensive knowledge of offerings, it plays an independent expert role in these areas.

About Atol CD -> 2023 Figures: €20M in revenue & 250 employees

Founded in 2000, Atol Conseils et Développements, a specialist in digital transformation, designs and develops business solutions with the aim of bringing significant added value to its clients and their users. Atol CD helps its clients develop their potential by making the most of technology to improve their processes, develop new offerings. Atol CD offers a 360 approach by addressing issues related to the development of web and mobile business solutions, connected object platforms, industrial computing, digitization, robotics, decision-making solutions, as well as hosting and application outsourcing.

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