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Deceuninck partners with AmeXio and Adobe to implement their future Lead Generation Platform.

Deceuninck, a leading global player in window and door profiles, has decided to boost its Customer Experience through a strategic partnership with AmeXio & Adobe. This collaboration prioritizes the orchestration of seamless customer journeys, resulting in increased customer engagement and more qualitative partner referrals.

In today’s digital era, where customers increasingly research online before approaching installers, Deceuninck is focussed on transforming customer interactions. The emphasis is on creating inspiring online experiences that enhance both customer engagement and brand awareness. This strategic step connects Deceuninck more closely with both their end-customers as well as constructors & installers.


Empowering Deceuninck with a Future-proof Multi-Lingual, and Multi-Country Lead Generation Platform

AmeXio will support Deceuninck in kickstarting its digital transformation through the process of defining, designing, implementing, and optimizing an innovative Lead Generation Platform based on Adobe technology. This platform will enable Deceuninck to expand its online marketing and sales operations across multiple countries and languages.

Up until today, Deceuninck faced a unique challenge in managing their global web presence efficiently. With multiple content management systems in place to manage various international websites, operational costs grew and content orchestration became a significant hurdle. Coordinating content initiatives from headquarters to align with diverse CMS platforms across different countries required lots of manual efforts and resulted in high volumes of duplicated content. Therefor, one of our goals is to streamline CMS operations, ultimately unlocking a more agile and synchronized approach to content management on a global scale.

By choosing Adobe Experience Manager as the foundational platform, Deceuninck gains the assurance of a robust native SaaS DXP solution that is tailored for growth and equipped to address the distinctive challenges of a B2B2C environment. With AmeXio’s experience in similar contexts (e.g., at Daikin Europe), we are confident in guiding Deceuninck’s growth journey.


A robust & future-proof experience platform, supporting the Deceuninck digital strategy for the next decade.

Decoding B2B2C-specific CXM Challenges

Drawing on AmeXio’s domain expertise in a B2B2C context, we provide guidance to customers like Deceuninck in making informed decisions on critical topics, including:

  • How can marketing teams across different countries be organized and supported to effectively manage the company’s brand on a global scale? Which options does the technical platform provide to define & design ‘content governance‘ within the organization?
  • How can a balance be maintained between centralizing and decentralizing marketing activities? How can a balance be achieved between local flexibility and global consistency in the company messaging across multiple markets, languages, and countries?
  • How can brand messages be efficiently managed, translated, localized, organized, and supported for reuse across multiple languages?

About AmeXio

With over 25 years of experience in Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Web Content Management (WCM), we specialize in helping enterprise companies to design, build, run, and optimize seamless, customer-centric digital experiences that authentically represent your brand and exceed customer expectations. As an Adobe Gold Specialized Solutions partner, our large team is highly skilled in delivering solutions such as AEM Sites, Assets, Forms, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and more. We have extensive expertise working with various vendors and toolings in this domain.

About Adobe

Adobe is transforming the world through digital experiences. As a leading technology company, Adobe provides innovative software solutions for creative professionals, marketers, and businesses. With their extensive product portfolio, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe empowers individuals and organizations to create engaging digital experiences. More info :

Learn about AmeXio's approach with Deceuninck...

The AmeXio Way: Exploring the ‘FusionCX‘ Approach.

As we believe in the uniqueness of AmeXio’s approach to addressing CXM challenges, we would like to take this chance to explain how we work with customers like Deceuninck.

Amexio’s FusionCX approach combines strategic expertise, design, and UX experience with comprehensive realization and optimization capabilities to guide our customers in achieving outstanding results in Customer Experience. By tightly integrating these diverse areas of expertise using an Agile approach and assembling a Fusion Team that encompasses all of these domains, we establish a solid foundation enabling future growth.

This holistic approach provides Deceuninck with a number of key advantages:

  • As a strategic partner, our advice extends beyond pure technology matters, resulting in a more substantiated roadmap with clear KPIs. It all starts with a mutual understanding of the business goals. This makes it easier for teams to identify possible opportunities for innovation and improvement, and work more effectively towards common objectives.
  • By removing frictions and overhead which typically occurs between strategy, design and implementation, we prevent a “waterfall” process in favor of an iterative approach. This allows us to collect feedback early and adjust our approach accordingly.
  • It allows the team to close the cycle on a Measure/Learn/Optimise loop, reducing initial time-to-market and decisions driven by insights drawn from real user data

Incremental Steps towards a Comprehensive CX Roadmap

Deceuninck’s growth is a top priority for AmeXio. We aim to build a strategic foundation by setting clear measurable KPIs that align with your current marketing strategy. Our team strives to deeply understand Deceuninck’s unique strategy to provide tailored advice and establish a vision for making data-driven decisions.

We place strong emphasis on expanding efforts through effective market segmentation, optimizing the customer value proposition, and developing a CX roadmap to ensure sustainable growth for Deceuninck.


We’ll employ diverse techniques using workshops and interviews, maintaining close involvement with each initiative’s implementation.

We believe strategy is a continuous process, being part of the agile cycle.

Navigating the Complexity of Enterprise CXM Challenges

In addition to addressing specific challenges in B2B2C environments, we also provide Deceuninck with guidance in finding solutions to questions about enterprise CXM, such as:

  • Which DXP architecture (Composable vs Suite approach, Headless vs Hybrid, …) is best suited to meet our company’s needs?
  • How can I implement techniques and best practices, such as introducing a Design System, to gain control over brand consistency at scale?
  • Which technical components, tools, and frameworks should be employed to construct a strong technical foundation that guarantees scalability, security, usability, performance, and other critical aspects of a robust Customer Experience?
  • How can I obtain insights into complex B2B2C customer journeys to enable data-driven decision-making?
  • How can the overall time-to-market of marketing efforts be accelerated throughout the entire organisation?
  • How can we properly implement change management & user adoption techniques to ensure we meet our project objectives?
  • How can we ensure the health and maintainability of our technology platform down the road?


Facing similar enterprise CXM challenges? We’re here to assist you.