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Manager - BNP Paribas

A project managed from start to finish

“Amexio’s expertise in the field of ECM (GED, BPM, archiving, dematerialisation …) and CCM (desktop publishing), along with the expertise of its consultants, have always given us full satisfaction. A relationship based on trust established for many years.” – José CAMPOS, Manager – BNP Paribas

The challenge

As part of the new organisation within the retail bank, BNP Paribas has shown the need to support Professionals in change management with the overhaul of the management of the jurisdictions (access management, authorisations, connecting local agencies to new directions …). Amexio’s mission was to pilot these functional evolutions and to develop them on an already existing technology. This project, in which the Professional and Developers teams advanced in iterative mode and in test and learn, was slowed down by a migration process launched in parallel, for which Amexio was not responsible.

In fact, BNP Paribas wanted the migration of a mainframe software used in the storage server to a brand new software. This delicate operation directly affected the teams responsible for the application of the management of the jurisdictions. Amexio’s other mission was to coordinate all stakeholders to facilitate interactions between the professional and IT teams.

The Amexio response

During the framing phase, the Amexio experts took care to meet the relevant Professionals (users, experts, project manager …) to understand the needs of each one in terms of use and validation of documents, during workshops. Objective: to make the link between professional needs and the constraints imposed by the IT teams, each evolving according to their own roadmap, which could create certain tensions, especially in terms of time. All of Amexio’s work has been to be a facilitator and mediator so that both projects progress at the same pace.

For six months, the expertise of GED tools and business software packages (regulatory missions, process compliance, data processing, etc.) from Amexio helped to delineate the constraints of the project, to challenge needs based on the technological context and the tools in which the solutions are integrated.

In the end, it was Amexio’s advice, guidance and support that enabled BNP Paribas to close two different but demanding projects.