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Scanning & Intelligent Data Capture

Conquer information overload and automate document processing – from capture to archiving

Information overload is the biggest barrier to digital transformation. Data comes from a myriad of directions – paper and electronic documents, scanned images, emails, faxes, mobile and more. So how to extract business value from such numerous and disparate sources?

The answer is: intelligent data capture. Through advanced capture technologies provide omnichannel ingestion of any document type to organize and route content through a combination of OCR, machine learning and workflow.

Digital Archiving EDRMS

Scanning & Intelligent Enterprise Data Capture

Today, billions documents are real-time digitized. To promote stored and scanned documents with additional metadata, we use the OCR character recognition and the ADR AIDR auto play.


Data and Document Capture

Simplified document scanning process with browser-based and mobile scanning. Documents are also captured from other sources such as emails or network folders and other sources.


Document Classification

Intelligent identification of a variety of document types (e.g. invoices, loan applications, contracts), based on traditional (bar codes, page separators) and intelligent classification technologies.


Data Extraction

Automatic extraction of data from documents by leveraging multiple recognition technologies, such as OCR and barcode.


Data Validation

Extracted data is validated against existing data contained in ERP, enterprise content management and other information repositories to ensure data accuracy and downstream processing errors, for example, validating that supporting documents are present for loan/new account approvals.


Data Management, Storage and Archiving

With automatic recognition, classification and extraction of data, information and documents are automatically assigned into workflows, processes and mail routes, or then categorized and archived in the centralized ECM repository.


Seamless integration

to file shares, ECM repositories and other enterprise systems

Context & challenges

Competitiveness – The challenge of dematerialization for the companies is based on several pillars : cost saving (buying less paper), productivity gain (time saving on files processing), increased security (keeping track of the information when digitizing the document) and positive impact on the corporate image because of an ecological approach. In short, the company is more competitive.

AmeXio expertise

AmeXio has a good understanding of the main market players because of several implementation of dematerialization strings for business processes. With fluid process, companies obviously gain in productivity and visibility:

  • optimal efficiency of the processing line
  • 3 to 5-year vision on future projects
  • Time saving validators thanks to a lightened circuit and a structured communication mode
  • Pooling of existing platforms

Our added value

  • Optimal process line performance
  • Market solutions expertise and know-how
  • Customers businesses expertise
  • Good client needs understanding before implementing a technical solution

Client benefits

  • Pooling existing platforms with a technical and functional solutions
  • Industrializing solutions for large productivity gains
  • Time saving with a lean system and organized communication mode
  • Reducing internal mail stream

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