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Application Modernization & Low-code

Unlock the Potential of Application Modernization and Low-code

Did you know that more than 80% of IT budgets are currently allocated to the maintenance of legacy applications? These aging systems demand significant attention and resources due to their monolithic architectures, which pose challenges in terms of updates, scalability, and the need for specialized skills to ensure their upkeep. Moreover, from a business standpoint, legacy applications impede process efficiency by limiting agile improvements and complicating data integration.

This is where the concept of application modernization comes into play.

Application modernization

Application modernization aims to enhance the functionality, agility, performance, and scalability of these systems, leveraging new technologies to adapt to evolving business conditions. The journey towards modernization relies on cloud technology, which not only supports contemporary architectural principles like microservices and serverless computing but also provides affordable access to cutting-edge opportunities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Low-code platforms

In addition to cloud technology, low-code platforms can significantly expedite development cycles and enhance agility. These platforms have evolved from crafting small-scale apps to driving business-critical processes in recent years. They enable the configuration of complex user interfaces and automation logic using pre-built components, seamlessly linked with cloud-based backend services and data structures.

AmeXio partner in application modernization & low-code development

your companion for navigating the application modernization journey. Armed with expertise and experience, we specialize in transforming your legacy applications into modern, scalable, and efficient systems. Our team of professionals will skillfully guide you in harnessing cloud technology and leveraging low-code platforms to expedite development and enhance agility.

At every step of your application modernization and low-code expedition, we’ve got you covered:

We assist in defining and optimizing existing processes through thorough business analysis and process mapping.

We define cloud-native architectures to facilitate the conversion of your legacy applications, incorporating state-of-the-art cloud technology and low-code platforms.

We undertake the development and integration of your cloud-native applications while establishing a DevOps methodology for agile solutions.

We ensure that your employees derive the utmost benefit from your digital transformation by offering support in the adoption and change management process.

Should questions or technical challenges arise, rest assured that our service center stands as your reliable resource.

Our added value

  • Leverage our expertise in multiple low-code platforms to provide tailored solutions that best fit your specific needs and requirements.
  • Reliable service center for addressing questions and technical challenges.

Client benefits

  • Thoroughly analyze and optimize processes through business analysis and mapping.
  • Convert legacy applications with cutting-edge cloud-native architectures and low-code platforms.
  • Develop and integrate agile cloud-native applications with a DevOps approach.
  • Ensure maximum employee benefit through support in adoption and change management.

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