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Digital Support Services

Bridging the gap between IT and innovation

With AmeXio, Dev & Ops are truly in sync. Our international service center runs your platforms silently and securely, while carrying your technology vision into the future.

A single point of contact for AmeXio customers

Application Services

Reactive & proactive actions in order to maintain and improve your business applications.

IT Infrastructure Services

Host, maintain, update and optimize your IT infrastructure on which applications run.

Security Services

Ensure your platforms’ security by applying security best practices, intrusion and attacking mitigation software, and partnerships with penetration testers and programs.

Knowledge Management

Create and maintain functional, technical and end-user knowledge bases.


A wide variety of consultancy services from development work to strategy consulting.

Service Management

Analyze, manage, report and improve on digital support services provided for your own IT governance.

Why choose AmeXio support services?

AmeXio is an established provider of digital and DevOps support services with a stellar pool of specialists, access to the most relevant technologies, and grip on the latest trends and best practices. This is where our professional capability and quality guarantee come from.

How we work

We provide a flexible, collaborative and certainly personal approach to planning and strategy development, from ideation all the way through to live service and continuous improvement. We have a dedicated international digital support service center, with specialized teams comprising consultants, service delivery managers and delivery experts.

Our digital experts have years of field experience at all stages of the technology lifecycle, scaling all sorts of infrastructures and achieving ultimate business environment optimization.

Our Service Center teams: roles and responsibilities

Service Center Director

The management of the Service Center is directed by the Service Center Director .

Service Delivery Managers

The Service Delivery Manager is responsible for the ‘Run’ phase at the customer. In this phase, he / she monitors and reports on all aspects of the managed services in order to meet the organizational requirements, methodology and quality standards.

Service Center Leads

Service Center Leads take the daily technical lead within technical support context. They manage multiple customer accounts and all technical operations through prioritizing the daily work and coaching of the Service Center Support Engineers.

Service Center Engineers

Permanent Service Center consultants responsible for solving all technical issues. Usually specialized in one technology.

Learn how AmeXio can ensure disruption-free digital support services today and in the future, and put your business transformation on the fast track.

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