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AmeXio wins Documentum SDK Challenge with myInsight

We are extremely proud to announce that AmeXio won this year’s Documentum SDK Challenge. The first Documentum Dragons’ Den: Partner SDK Challenge was organized by the OpenText Documentum team. The goal was to showcase and promote the Documentum Smart View SDK capabilities. Partners were invited to participate and to present and demo a solution using Smart View SDK.

As AmeXio, we like a good challenge and decided to compete with our existing solution: myInsight.

AmeXio wins the Documentum SDK Challenge with myInsight

What is myInsight

myInsight is a Documentum add-on that provides configurable interactive dashboards and reports based on real-time information. These dashboards and reports use standard DQL to access the information in the Documentum repository and are shown as an integrated part of the Documentum User Interfaces WebTop, xCP, D2 classic, and Custom.

”myInsight transforms data from your Documentum repository into valuable information”

The most prominent use cases we see at our customers with 500.000+ end users are:

Click here – to learn more about myInsight

Why myInsight?

We longed to integrate myInsight with Documentum Smart View for years already and the SDK finally gave us the opportunity. So, participating with myInsight was a no-brainer to us.

To show our ambition we entered this competition with three goals in mind:

  1. Enable myInsight in the Documentum Smart View UI.
  2. Use interactive reports in all major UI components to support users in their work.
  3. Create a standard plug-in allowing customers to optimize the UI via configuration instead of customization.

The SDK was used to integrate myInsight in all major UI components in improving user-friendliness of Smart View.

myInsight integrated with different UI

New interactive tiles on the Smart View landing page show the user KPI information and workload insight or allow the user to request relevant reports.

myInsight integrated with Documentum D2 SmartView

Reports are created via simple DQL’s (Documentum Query Language) and provide active links to open information or invoke workflows. This way myInsight improves the usability, intuitive and user-friendliness of any Documentum User Interface, including Smart View.

myInsight report details

And the winner is…

AmeXio wins Documentum SDK Challenge! In the finals the three contestants, REVA, BTM-Software and AmeXio, were judged by four Dragon’s:

We are especially proud on:

“… you used the hack out of that SDK!! – Tony Ford “

“Excellent job! Really cool that you had the intention of doing this anyway!! – Micah Byrd.”

When all presentations were given and evaluated by the Dragons, the ultimately decision was based on the audience via tele-voting. As the votes came in the tension increased. Kyle announcement the results:

Second Runner Up: ….  BTM Software.

First Runner Up: …. REVA

This means, YES, The first winner of the yearly SDK hackathon: AmeXio with myInsight!

We are extremely proud of our whole myInsight team that put all their energy in a great solution which allowed us to win this trophy.

We are all winners

As highlighted by OpenText, the Smart View SDK challenge was a huge success, and the result exceeded all expectations. The collaboration with OpenText engineering provided training, assistance and listened to our needs. The new releases as a result of that. The enthusiasm of all participants. The quality of all pitches & solutions. The feedback from the Dragons and customers. All together, this was a true journey with positive results for all involved. We are all winners.

Are you ready for myInsight?

myInsight adds significant value to Documentum customers across all industries around the globe. It integrates flawlessly with all Documentum User Interfaces. So, do you want to know more about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us for an open discussion.