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AmeXio acquires Alfea Consulting

AmeXio, European leader in ECM (Enterprise Content Management), announces a merger with Alfea Consulting, and concludes a significant external growth operation with a long-standing player with solid experience in enterprise information management since 2004.

This growth operation enables the AmeXio group to add several new customers to its portfolio, expand its geographical footprint and further extend its ECM-CCM offering. With a team of over 320 employees and consolidated sales estimated at €35 million for 2021, the AmeXio Group is more than ever the leading player in its market.

AmeXio is an ECM specialist with technologies such as IBM-FileNet, HYLAND (Nuxeo, Alfresco), Open-Text Documentum, Sefas, B-Doc; Alfea Consulting has been developing expertise in the audit, integration and development of content management, desktop publishing and business intelligence solutions since its creation, and is one of the main HYLAND (Alfresco) and Sefas partners in the Hauts-De-France region.

“Founded in 2004, ESN Alfea consulting has continued to expand over the past 15 years in Northern France, in the regions and internationally. With its strong human values, the company has developed with the aim of providing high-quality customer service supported by a human and professional structure. The merger with AmeXio represents an opportunity for the future of the company and its employees. The AmeXio group shares the same values and corporate culture as Alfea Consulting, which will enable the teams to integrate smoothly. Customers, partners and teams alike represent strategic elements that will create positive synergies for both structures.” – Eric Volcher – President of Alfea Consulting

“As colleagues in 2004 within an international ESN, Eric in Lille and I in Paris, we had already had the opportunity to collaborate on certain projects and to meet at Management Committee meetings. With similar skills and a very similar DNA, this merger seemed natural and logical.

This merger will provide our customers with a more substantial technological offering, while offering them a greater capacity for intervention, and a stronger geographical presence. It will also enable us to offer a wider range of career opportunities, both technically and functionally, as well as geographically. Our software partners will also be delighted to be able to count on a well-known and recognized player that is even more capable of supporting them on a wide range of projects. The AmeXio group is once again reinforcing its position as ECM-CCM leader in Europe.” – Xavier Morcillo – Founder & President of AmeXio

About AmeXio

Founded in 2006, AmeXio is a European ESN specializing in ECM and CCM content management projects. Its offer consists of supporting companies in their projects to enhance the value of their information: dematerialization, collaborative content management, reengineering, integration with corporate processes, publishing, archiving and desktop publishing. AmeXio also provides Cloud solutions: IaaS, DaaS, PaaS and SaaS, tailored to specific needs and use cases.

Thanks to its partnerships with leading ECM and CCM vendors, AmeXio’s comprehensive knowledge of document offerings and issues enables it to play an independent expert role in these fields.

AmeXio is also a shareholder in Atol CD, and is thus developing numerous synergies.

About Alfea Consulting

Founded in 2004, Alfea Consulting is a specialist company founded on a sense of service and expertise in enterprise information management. Its offering is divided into four areas: ECM-BPM, CCM-Editics, Big Data and Service Center. Alfea Consulting is an Alfresco, Sefas, Mapping and IBM partner, and a major player in the Hauts-De-France region.

With offices in France, Switzerland and Monaco, Alfea Consulting is located near Lille, in the heart of the Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing metropolitan area.

Its expertise in the implementation of IT projects is recognized nationally and internationally.

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