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European market leader

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Stay focused and one step ahead in
ECM/CCM innovation

Chairman’s message

ECM/CCM: an expert job!

Content issues have always been a companies major issue. With EDM and desktop publishing, computer tools quickly helped to qualify, categorize, file, store, etc., any kind of documents.

Internet, the Web and digital era have changed a lot of things. Amexio is born from a business journey for the need of a major even critical ECM, foreseen in the early 2000s. Content services were still in their early ages, whereas they boom today thanks to the companies inexorable digital transformation.

Highly specialized experts

Vision: We are selective and qualitative ECM/CCM experts.

A runaway success story

A continuous growth since 2006

Within 10 years, Amexio has evolved into the most innovative French technological company,
to become today the first European ECM integrator.

Leader on the European market

Key figures

A continuous total turnover growth since its creation in 2006

Well balanced activities

4 income sources

Shared values

Low employee turnover

Renewed trust

Reliable indicators


A shared and steady registered capital

Registered capital is shared between its founder, company’s key women and men, employees and Qualium Investissement.

Founder / Company’s key women and men / Employees

Qualium Investissement