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Company life


A cohesive team

Amexio is convinced that its employees’ performance is closely linked to the feeling of belonging to a close-knit team where everyone can count on their colleague. Many events are organised within the company to reinforce team cohesion.




Amexio regularly takes part in fairs and student forums to meet future employees who wish to apply for an end-of-course internship, or a part- or full-time employment.


Every last Thursday of the month, our experts or external speakers make a presentation on an innovative or topical topic that employees can follow online.


Our engineers are invited to give lectures in major schools to present the company’s professions as well as their professional backgrounds and experiences.


We organise client breakfasts to discuss feedback and market use cases.



Discover our best moments in images!

At Amexio we love ❤

Seminare 2018 – Agadir

Quad racing, camel ride, sand castle competition, beach foot, surf…

without forgetting the parties at Club Med!

Amexio is



Passionate collaborators

They said it…


A human company where life is good.

Christophe, Project Manager

Amexio it’s



Soirees organised in 2018

At Amexio we celebrate  

The Parc des Princes not only celebrated the arrival of Neymar last year, but also the 12 years of Amexio!

At Amexio we celebrate  

Amexio’s birthday is one of the key events of the year. Each year, we redouble our efforts and creativity to find the perfect place and blow out the candles with other Amexiens.

At Amexio we celebrate  

In 2019, 30 employees will have celebrated their 10 years of seniority. Champagne, gifts, and certificates to celebrate with dignity.

At Amexio we find ourselves

With our different entities in France and in Europe. Any occasion is a good opportunity to go out of our way to organise a party.

At Amexio we find ourselves

At Amexio we are big children! As can be seen from our 2017 seminar at Disneyland Paris.

At Amexio we find ourselves

Best Christmas Sweater competition! Every year sees new ideas and dress challenges!

At Amexio we love ❤

Go-karting, football, volleyball… At Amexio, we have a thousand ideas in mind to make you love sports activities and maintain the team spirit of our employees!

At Amexio we love 

Soirees, parties, sports challenges … at Amexio there are plenty of opportunities to share moments of conviviality in a relaxed atmosphere. Do you want to know more? Then discover our best excursions in images.

At Amexio we love ❤

Seminar at Disneyland in 2017, 10 years of Amexio in 2016, the opportunities to strengthen ties and team cohesion around unifying events.