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Our values


A fundamental value and an objective

The desire for quality of our interventions and the respect of our commitments is carried by each of our consultants.

Satisfying our customers is not only meeting their requirements, within the agreed deadlines, with the expected quality, but also exceeding their expectations as much as possible.
It relies on the mobilisation of competent and motivated men and women
animated by common principles:

A sense of service

Every project is above all based on humanity, and we act in a constructive spirit of collaboration to build a relationship of partnership with our customers, a factor of success of any project.

Listening well

Throughout our missions, we listen to our customers to adapt and meet their requirements. We are also listening to each other, in a constant search for mutual help, improvement and the best response to a given problem, because we are all aware that these exchanges allow us to grow together.


Our mastery of means (methods and tools) ensures quality services, the success of which is beneficial to everybody. We cultivate the constant improvement of our knowledge, framed by a rigorous quality policy associated with an industrial approach.


Fulfilled employees

At Amexio, the place of the employee is unique, with a company who listens, there are many possibilities of evolution and diversity of missions.

Our company provides a framework for professional growth with frequent meetings, spaces for exchange and mutual aid and thematic communities led by recognised experts in their field. The goal is to help everyone to acquire new knowledge and skills, whether technical or functional.

Equipe Amexio

Diversity at the service of openness

We are committed to non-discrimination and diversity.
We are committed to equal opportunities in the workplace and are aware that this diversity is an asset: each with their own experience contributes to the success of Amexio.

Equal opportunities and the prevention of discrimination has always been at the heart of Amexio’s development.

With the creation of the generation contract, Amexio now has more than 200 consultants, ranging in age from 18 to 63, and we are proud of that!

Mobility and evolution rooted in our DNA

Our constant development allows us to offer evolution opportunities to those who want to succeed with us.

Whether it is geographic mobility, in France or in Europe, discovering new business sectors, new functional or technical areas, or even a change of core business, everything is possible.

We want the development aspirations of our employees to be echoed by us, since their expectations are linked to our ambitions.

Continual improvement

We are convinced that Amexio’s success is directly linked to that of our employees. We therefore strive on a daily basis to maintain, develop and highlight each other’s skills and ensure personalised follow-up.

In addition to any internal or external training, this is based on semi-annual information meetings, monthly thematic meetings focused on technological monitoring, seminars and regular visits by managers and sales representatives to customer sites. Intermissions are an opportunity to capitalise on experiences (feedback, identification of good practices), reinforce learning, enrich skills and discover new topics.

We are convinced that this cycle is beneficial for the company, the employees and our customers, and we hope that everyone can both participate and benefit from it.